Blog - Lots of JMP scripting language JSL projects


RedClock - An ESP32 + GPS clock

Red Clock

Peanut Butter and Jelly is a dive into the Mandelbrot set

Newton’s Method on the Complex Plane

Curvey Vine - just for fun

Pulse - just for fun

Relaxed Wind - making a wind field animation

Server Attack - random visitors and music

Annealing (1 of 3) trilogy

That’s no Moon (2 of 3) trilogy

Tesselation Dance (3 of 3) trilogy

International Space Station - Using a JSON api to track lat/lon

Do Not Eat - FFT demo

Chance of Dragons - flocking demo

Green Breakfast - twitter demo - old code, better ways now…

Apollonian Gasket - circles

Wild Road - just for fun

Wire World - electrons in a picture making a computer calculating primes

Barnsley Fern Forest - a bunch of recursive ferns

No Cyan - tripping through the RGB color cube

Wave - just for fun

Circle Packer - exploring random circles growing until touching

Fabric Design - I explored bitmaps here for a while

Spoonflower designs

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