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RedClock - An ESP32 + GPS clock

Red Clock

Peanut Butter and Jelly is a dive into the Mandelbrot set

Newton’s Method on the Complex Plane

Curvey Vine - just for fun

Pulse - just for fun

Relaxed Wind - making a wind field animation

Server Attack - random visitors and music

Annealing (1 of 3) trilogy

That’s no Moon (2 of 3) trilogy

Tesselation Dance (3 of 3) trilogy

International Space Station - Using a JSON api to track lat/lon

Do Not Eat - FFT demo

Chance of Dragons - flocking demo

Green Breakfast - twitter demo - old code, better ways now…

Apollonian Gasket - circles

Wild Road - just for fun

Wire World - electrons in a picture making a computer calculating primes

Barnsley Fern Forest - a bunch of recursive ferns

No Cyan - tripping through the RGB color cube

Wave - just for fun

Circle Packer - exploring random circles growing until touching

Fabric Design - I explored bitmaps here for a while

Spoonflower designs


Cloudflare Speedtest

My First Project

I talked the teacher into letting me use the TTYs when I realized what my buddies were up to. I took the manual home Monday and came back Tuesday with this. Yellow TTY paper first part of listing No password? And the UserID was for the whole classroom! As soon as the machine said HELLO and started asking me questions, I was hooked. This was my first program, and the last one that ran the first time. When it asked me for a name for the new program, Lance said I could call it anything, and suggested Ralph as an example of a name. Lance didn’t think the code would work, but contributed the semicolon when we saw how much paper we were using. John suggested some optimizations later. The machine was a GE235, timeshared from the Continental Life Insurance building in Raleigh. BAS selected the Dartmouth Basic interpreter. Maximum program size was 6K bytes. Fortran, Lisp, and Algol 60 were also available. We never figured out how to use Lisp or Algol, but the Fortran experience saved me a few university hours. Here’s the full run. Yellow TTY paper last part of listing BYE was the signoff command, then hang up the telephone from the acoustic coupler.